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Bingjie boss, Mr. Yuan, led the employees to go out for picnics and conduct live CS field training

Time:2022-09-20 Views:1159
As a veteran, Benjie President Yuan attaches great importance to the physical quality training of employees, often organizing employees to play basketball, table tennis, mountain climbing, long-distance running training, etc. He often said to his employees: "The body is the capital of revolution. Only by taking good exercise can we be more committed and efficient in our work!"
In September 2022, President Yuan organized employees to go out for picnics and conduct live CS field training.
He said:
Live CS Field Operations
1. It can stimulate the participants‘ sense of responsibility, self-confidence, leadership, teamwork spirit and adaptability to difficulties and challenges;
2. It can break through the limits of self, break through the old mode of thinking, establish the confidence and determination to meet challenges, temper the will, and establish a sense of overall view;
3. It can strengthen the sense of empathy and initiative to fill in positions, so as to make communication and cooperation between individuals, departments and within the team more smooth;
4. can Improve time and task management skills and ability to analyze and solve problems;
5. It can increase communication among team members and form a positive and coordinated organizational atmosphere; Establish the team spirit and awareness of mutual cooperation and support;
6. It can relieve the heavy work pressure and relax the spirit.
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